Wednesday, May 21, 2008

雪花飞 Hot and Cold Desserts

Located at the newly renovated market at Chinatown, 雪花飞 Hot and Cold Desserts served the best chendol that I know of in Singapore. The store front looked exactly like the other hundreds of dessert store in Singapore, but their Chendol is to die for!

The ice shaving is very fine, so it melts easily when you mix it with your spoon. Those that didn't melt forms nice little ice balls that absorbs all the yummy flavours without being too hard or crunchy.

The red bean paste at the bottom of the bowl is not too sweet, and the generous scoop the nice aunty gives is just enough to make sure that every spoonful has some yummy red bean on it! Yeah!

The green stuff - well - the are the same green stuff, so no comment. But what made me rank this as the BEST chendol ever is the coconut sugar, or gula melaka.

Oh mama~

It's thick, sticky, sweet and fragrant. Just looking at it makes me sigh in delight...

Mix everything together with a small scoop of thick, creamy coconut milk and voila! Heaven awaits!

You may try to savour it slowly, but sadly, the bowl won't last as you greedily slurp up every last drop!

Oh gosh I think I'll have to get my fix as soon as possible. Anyway, with such hot weathers, why resist? :)

Xue Hua Fei Hot and Cold Desserts
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex

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