Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Homestyle Two-Bite Brownies

Are you a brownie fan? Or maybe just a chocolate lover?

Then you will love these. I found this selling at the NUS Coop store a few months ago this have since been pushed to my number one spot for BEST SNACK IN A BAG!

Like the name suggest, they are little brownies that can be finished off in two bites. For some packaged dessert, these brownies are surprisingly delicious!!!

They are soft, moist and oh so chocolately. I swear you can never stop at one! Goes superbly with a nice hot cuppa tea!


kisshugkisshug said...

these were my favourites too!

Miss CoCo said...

Yah~! Can't seem to find them anymore nowadays.

insider said...

I'm obsessed with these little brownies. You can find them at Cold Storages and NTUC finest

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