Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lau Ka Ki Nasi Lemak

If you refer to my previous entry on the Leon Kee Pork Rib Soup (a.k.a. Bak Ku Teh), you will find another fabulous store at the same location. Lau Ka Ki Nasi Lemak.

To most locals, Nasi Lemak is a pretty common meal. What's so unusual about this store that would make Miss CoCo put this up in her blog you say? Well, all I can say is, if you are someone who loves hot and piping, freshly cooked meals, you'll love this store.

Usually what you see at nasi lemak stores are a whole shelf of pre-cooked items which you pick to go with your rice. I can recommend some really kick-ass fantastic stores another time, but usually they are not HOT you know what I mean...

This store is different. Located at #01-12, block 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1, there's only ONE man handling the whole store. But this one man takes your order, then like clockwork, prepares every side dish only at you order. Queue? Definitely. All good food comes with a line of devotees... But surprisingly it does not take too long; probably it was after much trial and error that made his system so smooth...

Oh yah and do take note that the boss is a very contented man. By 2pm all the food and rice would have been sold out, so try to get there early.

Ok back to the food. The chicken drumstick - freshly fried from the wok, HOT and crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside... The luncheon meat, like the drumstick, HOT and crispy on the outside, oh so good when you sink you teeth in them. The freshly fried sunny side up egg, with the white crispy and fluffy, but the yoke still runny so that you can mix it with your hot rice, ikan bilis and chilli paste and scoop the whole spoonful into your mouth!!!

Now for the critic part.

Strictly speaking, Lau Ka Ki does not have the best nasi lemak. Like I said before, I've had better in terms of taste. But I have also tasted many worse. So the thing that really impressed me and made me go back is the freshness and how the boss is willing to go the extra mile to serve fresh and hot food to his customers. Not alot of stores are willing to do that nowadays, so this I gotta give it to him.

Ok I admit, I am a sucker for piping hot food. From where I grew up, wholesome comfort food is all about freshly cooked food and eating it while it's hot. So this shop I adore and I recommend.

(disclaimer - The left over rice was a my sad dieting attempt, nothing to do with the yummy rice hor)

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