Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Whenever I'm in Chinatown food complex, I always make sure I stop by 多记 for a nice plate of 猪肠粉, or steamed rice rolls.

Thousands of shops in Singapore sells 猪肠粉, but once you've tried 多记's you will notice the difference in taste. When you take a bite, take a while to savour it. You would notice that their 猪肠粉 has a very nice fragrance. The fragrance of rice.

That's because 多记 is one of the very few stores left that makes its own 猪肠粉, which uses real rice flour. I also love how smooth it is, with a little bit of bite in it. Rather than the mushy ones you eat at your neighbourhood coffeeshop. The sweet sauce is to die for! But since my hubby likes chilli sauce, I always request for them to put the chilli sauce by the side, so that I can enjoy it with just the sweet sauce.

It's quite cheap, $1, $1.50, or $2. But honestly, just order $2, it'll be gone in less than 10mins. They are also famouse for their bean dumplings and steamed yam kuehs, so do give it a try. On weekends they sell out VERY quickly. So by late morning most items would have been sold out. So be early! Oh by the way, good stuff always involve queueing, so be patient!

Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex

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