Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ayam Penyet House

Tucked away at the basement, most people would not even notice this obsure food outlet. Since it's recommended by a friend, I had to try.

We ordered the Ayam Penyet (Chicken Smashed), eggplant penyet, oxtail soup and some chendol to end the meal. Sadly, the eggplant and the chendol CANNOT MAKE IT. But you can try the chicken. The chicken is very tender and crispy! Yum...

The chilli is not as spicy as I would expect it to be... (I have high expectations for indonesian chilli paste!!) Ahem... I'm a spice queen... But it's still spicy nontheless and it goes very well with the chicken and rice.

The oxtail is very flavourful and the bits of meat between the bones are super soft and tender. Good as appetiser or as a meal by itself. They would serve this with rice actually.

Ayam Penyet House
67 Beach Road
NTUC Income Beach Junction
Tel: 6337 7761

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