Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ban Mian at Woodlands Koufu

My hubby introduced me to eating ban mian and now it has become of the food that I adore. But I only like the thin ones as it has the best SLURP factor!

I'm not a fan of the 'yellow noodles' or lye water noodles as it has a strong alkaline taste, unlike the ban mian, which is flour base, so it doesn't have the taste that I don't like.

My favourite store has to be the one at Koufu Food Court at Woodlands avenue 6. I've tried a few other stores, but this one is the best:

The ikan bilis is crispy but not too salty.
The minced meat is nice
The vegetable is very generous
The noodles are also very generous with just the right bite to it
The soup is lagi BEST ah...

I usually order without egg as I find that it sticks to everything and affects the taste. Add in some cut chilli padi into the soup to give it extra "kick" and dinner is served!

steaming hot noodles...

Koufu Food Court
Blk 768, Woodlands Ave 6

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