Sunday, May 25, 2008

Poh Guan Cake House's Onde Onde

There's an old fashion pastry shop opposite Hong Lim food centre, Poh Guan Cake House. This is the type of old shop that specialise in making traditional chinese pastries and kuehs and makes everything fresh. If you're there, ask for their Onde Onde. They only make a few packets a day so you have to be early!


I tell you. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.

Real onde onde is filled with good quality gula melaka. Some people mix the gual melaka with coconut. I don't get it. What for?! Anyway, Poh Guan's Onde Onde was so heavenly.

Tip on eating Onde Onde: Pop the whole thing into your mouth and feel the gula melaka squirt out inside your mouth when your teeth sink into the soft yummy kueh.

GOD!!! The whole box was gone before the car left the carpark. Hahaha... Impossible to stop. I will be back for more.

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