Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pan Fried Nian Gao

This is another traditional dish that is served during Chinese New Year. You can check out the meaning and other details here, Nian Gao!

For me, this is a dish that makes chinese new year morning special. Mum would make these for breakfast and we'll eat the sticky, delicious, sweet cakes while watching tv.

I've been eating these for years, but this is the very first time I'm making them myself. Thankfully, with my Mum's instructions, they tasted very close to how my Mum makes them.

It's really simple to make, the only problem was cutting the sticky, gooey, 'gao'. I guess you can try dipping your knife in oil, or hot water, or freeze the nian gao 1st.

When you have cut them into squares, make the batter. It's quite like making tempura batter. It's best to use self raising flour, but if you don't have it, mix plain flour with a little baking powder.

So, just mix flour, egg with a little cold water to get a thick batter. Coat the nian gao and pan fry it with a little oil in medium heat. Before turning over, put a little batter on top to get an even coat on both sides. When the gao is nice and golden brown, it's ready!

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