Saturday, February 20, 2010

Honey Lemon Drink

I make this drink everytime somebody in the family has sore throat or the flu. It's packed with vitamin C and very soothing on the throat. Besides, it taste great! Don't have to be sick to enjoy it! :)

I make about 1.5 litre each time, which is about 3 full glasses. For that, I need:
3 full tablespoons of good honey
1 lemon

Mix honey with lukewarm or cold water (DO NOT USE HOT WATER FOR HONEY - I heard that it destroys the good enzymes in it)
When honey is properly mixed, squeeze in juice of half a lemon.
The other half of the lemon can be sliced and just throw it into the drink for more flavour.

Best served chilled - refreshing and delicious!

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