Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pancakes with banana and pecan caramel sauce

As you know I LOOOVE pancakes, so I'm constantly trying new things to either put inside the pancake. Then I wondered, how about making something to go ON TOP of the pancake for a change? So I decided to make a simple caramel sauce. (Slowly cook sugar and water together until golden brown - don't stir, swirl the pot if necessary, and add a whole chunk of cold butter)

I remembered this caramelized banana thingy that Gordon Ramsey once made for an ice cream topping, so I added some ripe bananas into it. Then I remembered that I had some pecan nuts in the fridge, so I poured it into the caramel sauce.

Hmmm looks good...

Next, the pancakes! Check out this ultra cute starship trooper pancake spatular that my sis bought for me from New York. CUTE OR WHAT?!?! It's all these adorable kitchenware that makes cooking even more fun!

Well, turns out that the nuts weren't very nice. I think next time I wouldn't buy from Phoon Huat. It doesn't taste very fresh, so it affected the flavour of my sauce. But minus the nuts, it was delicious! Will try again next time with better quality ingredients. :)

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