Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant 北腾泰国小食

This Thai food restaurant used to be located at the basement of Sembawang Shopping Centre. But has moved away after the renovations. I think there's one in the Yishun industrial estates, but this one is nearer to where I usually do my grocery shopping, so naturally we ate there.

It's not exactly an authentic Thai food restaurant, but it's a great place for a cosy dinner with the family. There is usually a short waiting time for a table, especially during the weekends, but the friendly staff would take your orders while waiting, so the food would arrive within minutes after you get your table.

The place is no fancy restaurant, but the food is simple, unpretentious and delicious. Our favourite was the 三味鱼 (S$12.00), which is deep fried fish with their special dipping sauce. The fish is fried till it's crispy on the outside and yet still fluffy on the inside. It's so crispy, we practically ate the whole fish, together with most of the fins and bones! Cobby always said that this would be a great dish to enjoy while watching TV, just munching on the crispy fish. Haha...

The 虾酱鸡 (S$6.00), the prawn paste fried chicken. Same as the fish, it's crispy on the outside and yet juicy on the inside. Best thing is that it's not too salty, so it's really good.

The fried kang kong (S$4.00) was unfortunately just so-so. I think it's because there's just too much sambal sauce, so it made the vegetable a little soggy.

MY favorite would be their Tom Yum Soup (S$3.00). Just give me a bowl of the soup with a bowl rice and I can call it a meal. :) The soup is nice and spicy, just the way I like it, but the spiciness does not overpower the sweet seafood stock. They are very generous with the seafood in the soup too! Squid, prawns, fish and different types of mushrooms. YUM!

They also do take outs, so if you don't want to wait, you can call them in advanced to place your order. When you arrive, just pick up the food, pay up and go. Convenient!

Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant 北腾泰国小食
Block 701A #01-01
Yishun Avenue 5
(Opposite Chong Pang Market POSB Branch)
Telephone : 6756 4883

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