Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ministry of Food - My Izakaya

The first time we were at this restaurant, I didn't take any photos or blog down my experience as I want to know if they were worth mentioning in the first place. So the fact that you are reading this could only mean that they have managed to impress Miss CoCo's palette.

Located at the 2nd level of Parco Bugis Junction, I recommend MOF to those who would like to have reasonably priced Japanese meal and a nice place to just hang out after the meal. Yah the name is a little cheesey (Ministry of Food??!!) but they are ok. Haha... at first impression, I love the deco and ambience of the restaurant.

During the day, it is bright and airy.

In the evening, the lights are soft and cosy. So whether you are dining with friends or having a romantic meal with your loved one, MOF provides the right ambience.

Careful though, they keep the menu under the table so be careful not to hit your legs trying to sit cross-legged.

The menu is Japanese of course, but I like it that the menu not only have the typical Japanese dishes you see in a thousand eateries. They’re combinations are more creative without crossing the line of being weird. Yesterday I ordered a seafood toji with tempura set, while Cobby ordered a yakiniku bento with a salmon salad.

My seafood tori is like a little hot pot with squid, prawns, scallop with eggs, mushroom and onions bubbling in sweet and savoury soup stock. Coupled with a serving of tempura prawns and vegetables and a bowl of hot steaming rice, it was a hearty meal to fill an empty stomach.

Cobby’s salmon salad was pretty good, their self made sauce goes very well with the vegetables and fresh salmon. Unfortunately the serving was a little small. But I guess it should be just nice as an appetiser.

My first impression of the yakiniku was mouth watering. But it turned out to be a little too sweet.

But all is well because the REAL reason for my return to the restaurant is their famous Japanese desserts. If you were there, you MUST order their specialty, red bean Imo.

Japanese sweet potato, served together with Hokkaido red bean and Hokkaido Soft-serve ice cream. The combination is perfect! What a great way to end a meal. Even if you weren’t a fan of Japanese food, MOF would be a great place to rest your weary feet after shopping around. So go check it out sometime!

Ministry of Food
My Izakaya

200 Victoria Street
#02-45, Bugis Junction
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6338 6466
Fax: 6337 2958

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