Saturday, February 9, 2008

The WestEnd Boutique Restaurant

Located at the corner of Pasir Panjang village, this little restaurant is one of our favourite places for a good steak or western food. The relaxing ambience also makes it a great place to just relax after work with good food and drinks under the starry sky (there's in-door seating of course).

Two of our utmost favourite dish would be their Tenderloin Steak (S$34.90+++), and their Rack of Lamb (S$29.90+++). Which was also their specialty.

The tenderloin steak dish is very simple, no fuss. Just the steak, your choice of potatoes and ratatouille.

Cobby's favourite

Seldom do you see restaurants serve ratatouille with steak, so it's delicious and interesting. The steak is simply grilled and served with your choice of sauce in a separate bowl. Their black pepper sauce is the recommended sauce, but the others are just as good.

The meat is very tender and flavourful, so it does live up to its bold motto of having "the best steak in the region" Honestly I think it taste way way better then what I had in Morton's The SteakHouse, which for your info, cost about S$98+ per plate. -_- Go figure...

Another one of my favourite is their rack of lamb.

Lamb is not a favourite of many due to its "lamb-y"smell, but I like lamb. But it's hard to find a well made rack of lamb as many don't know how to cook it, resulting in dry, over cooked meat. But you should really try their rack of lamb. The meat is super tender and moist, and every piece is lined with oh-so-sinful-yet-delicious fat. You can choose between the brown sauce and mint sauce. Personally, I think the brown sauce is the perfect match. You slice out some meat, some fat, some brown sauce and pop it all into your mouth....


The combination is a burst of flavours and textures that would make you faint with pleasure and hungry for more!

Miss CoCo's favourite..

Interestingly, this restaurant has another dish that is worth mentioning. The local specialty, satay. Yes, it may be a western restaurant, but their local delights are just as good. The satay is simply delicious! The meat is moist, tender and very well barbequed. Served with a warm, super nutty satay sauce, onions and cucumber, this dish is a great appetiser.

Always check what is their soup of the day. Sometimes they get a little too creative and you get something like "cream of pineapple". Errr... no thanks.

But the more normal ones taste pretty darn good.

One of their more "normal" soup - Cream of corn - Super yummy!

Oh, all main dishes come with warm bread rolls with butter, which taste great by itself or with soup. So now you should have enough reasons to love this place. So next time you are around the area, do drop by. You won't regret it!

To find out more about their location, menu, etc, check out their website.

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