Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cheng's Seafood Village

Have you been to Farm Mart? If you have, then you will know which store I'm talking about. Near Choa Chu Kang, Hubby would regularly visit the place during lunch to buy some fishes for his mini aquarium. So one evening, he suggested that place for dinner.

There were several food stores there, including this tze char store. So 1st up, rojak!

Looks good, but if you want to compare with the Soon Heng rojak store at Toa Payoh, this plate of stuff was total crap. The yu char kuey was soggy, the sauce was too watery, and it was just not very good!

The next dish was the main reason we were there. I was craving for some good, chinese style mee goreng! (S$4.50)

It was quite good, there was plenty of fish, prawns and sotong in it. The sauce was not very spicy, but it's ok. Overall, a pretty hearty dish. Luckily we ordered only one plate in "small". Together with the other dishes, we can hardly finish this plate! So one "small" portion can be shared with 2 persons lah.

The lady suggested la-la, and it's been so long since I had some, so why not? Turns out to be a super yummy dish! It's got this beautiful curry leaves flavour to it, the la-la was very fresh, very good! (S$10.00)

Hubby was in a mood for frogs, so we ordered some King Pao frogs. Another super yummy dish! The kung pao sauce was so fragrant, and the frog was very tender. Good! (S$14.00)

Other than the yummy, affordable food, I really liked the surroundings. It's surrounded by all those plant nurseries, fish farms, etc, so the surroundings was very peaceful, quiet, and cooling! Great place to bring the whole family for dinner when the weather is fine.

Cheng's Seafood Village
67, Sungei Tengah Road, Unit 43
Singapore 699008
Tel: 6892 5590

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