Sunday, January 2, 2011

88 Authentic Thai Seafood

Got to know about this place from reading the chinese newspaper. Decided to give it a go since Hubby was on leave. It's pretty near the popular Bedok hawker centre, and it was Saturday evening, so finding parking was quite difficult. We had to park at the housing blocks across the road, but it wasn't far.

The coffee shop was facing the road, but the 1st thing we saw was posters and banner of a tze char store selling crabs. At first I thought that the Thai Seafood store had moved away. But walk further in and we found the right store.

Hungry! We quickly ordered their recommended dishes, and was pleasantly surprised!

Come to a Thai eatery and this is a must try. Their rice was fluffy and just slightly sweet from the pineapple. Good.

I like their Thai style fried toufu too. The toufu they use was much softer than the typical fried toufu. The sauce was slightly more spicy than those you have at a typical Thai restaurant, so it was quite surprising.

Another typical dish. This Tom Yam Seafood soup got kick! The lemon grass fragrance in the soup was quite prominent, and the soup was a good balance of sour and spicy. The ingredients was very generous too!

This was my favorite! It's called butter sotong, but it's more like calamari! It's crispy, slightly buttery, and there's a wonderful garlic-ky fragrance to it. YUMS!

This is another one of their signature dish, garlic fish. But we don't really fancy it. The fish was fried to perfection, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. But the crispy garlic and some unidentifiable crispy things on top, and the sauce, was just not that spectacular.

All and all, a very good dining experience. Definitely will go back again!

88 Authentic Thai Seafood
Block 88, Bedok North Street 4

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