Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bistro Du Vin

Fancy a French dinner that's friendly on your wallet? Had dinner with some old friends at Bistro Du Vin and I'm so hooked. It's no wonder, how can a small little French Bistro serve such wonderful food? Apparently it's under the Le Amis Group, which is like one of the most famous fine dinning restaurants in Singapore.

I just HAD to bring my hubby, my trusty side kick in my never ending quest to enjoy good food. Surprise surprise! They were FULLY BOOKED when I turned up with no reservations on a Friday night, hopping for another kick ass dinner on my wedding anniversary. Maybe it's due to the holiday season? Maybe they were really that HOT? I don't know.

Anyways, the very next day we called during lunch time to make reservations for dinner. They misunderstood and thought that we need a table for 3, and told us they were already fully booked for the night. Thankfully we cleared the misunderstanding. We only need a small little table for 2 and a baby chair? Please...? Just kidding, we didn't beg... Anyway the manager there is super nice and we got our table. YEAH!

So to cut to the chase, what did we order? Duh we're in a French restaurant, so you have crusty, warm, fresh from the loaf french loaf, which is free. Then we ordered their French onion soup, which was absolutely delightful.

French Onion Soup - S$14.00

A must try, their buttery, beautiful foie gras - S$22.00

Hubby tried their Pork Knuckle,(S$30.00) which was unfortunately a little too salty for his taste.

I ordered the Braised Beef Cheek (S$33.00). Looks fairly ordinary, but take one bite and you'll be surprised at how wonderfully tender it is. It literally melts in your mouth! Also, the button mushrooms and the carrots were super yummy. The sauce was a little salty too that night, but overall, I love it.

The first time I was there with my girlfriends, we ordered the creme brulee, which was like heaven in a dish. The 2nd time round, I ordered the souffle. I assumed that it would be chocolate flavour, but it turned out to be this vanilla with a dash of liquor flavour. Hmm...OK next time should really ask 1st. Still very good, very light and fluffy, but liquor was just not my thing. -_-

Souffle - S$12.00

Overall, a very lovely evening in a cosy little place with good food. Good for any occasions. :)

Bistro Du Vin
1 Scotts Road
#02-12 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel: 6733 7763

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