Saturday, April 17, 2010

Honjin Kushiyaki Restaurant

Hubby always drive by Adam Road and saw this NUSS Guild House with a Japanese restaurant inside. Well he's a NUS alumni, so he suggest that we go check it out on a weekend.

It was already 12noon when we arrived, but it seems quite quiet. Maybe it's due to their remote location. The staff was very friendly as they seated us and gave us a window seat. The menu looked very impressive and authentic, but it turned out to be a little more expensive than we expected. They don't have the items you see in every typical Japanese restaurant, so we took a little more time than usual to look through the menu to decide.

My friendly waitress informed us of the lunch special, which was an ebi lunch set.

Daily Special Lunch Set - $18.00
2 fried prawns, 2 fried scallops, 1 giant fried oyster - which was very sweet and tasty
Potato salad - I love the onion bits inside. Very good
Salmon and Tuna Sashimi - Super Love! I Loved it that they served it in chunks rather than in slices. The fish was really sweet and fresh with freshly grated wasabi.
Miso Soup - seemingly boring soup was jazzed up with Enoki mushrooms rather than the usual tofu cubes. Delicious!
Fruits - Watermelon and honeydew

Hubby chose the Honjin Bento from the menu.

Honjin Bento - $48.00
5 pieces of sushi
braised fish
braised vegetable
braised winter melon
Miso soup
Ice cream (green tea)

Hubby was so stuffed he couldn't even finish it! They were very generous with their fish. The waitress also recommended their Grilled Saba. Sounds nice, so we ordered without asking how much was it. Turns out that the HALF a fish cost us $33.00!

Saba Shioyaki - $33.00

Wah, very expensive man... Yes yes, it was grilled perfectly. Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. But still, $33!

I was watching Hubby enjoy his after meal ice cream and I kindly declined his offer to share (I don't like green tea ice cream). But it was such a hot day, so I thought I try one of their Sakura Ice Cream - $6.00.

Such a sweet lovely colour! I never had sakura flavoured ice cream before, so it tasted like a very light strawberry milk ice cream. The ice cream was very light, but not bland, almost chewy! And they serve it on a frozen dish so that it wouldn't melt too quickly. Smart!

The ice cream was a good way to end the meal. Yes, turned out to be a pretty expensive meal, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Turns out that the restaurant do have some special promotion for NUS Alumni, but it was for dinner, so too bad for us! Check here for more details. Probably would return, but given it's pricing, maybe on special occasions only! :)

No.7 Adam Park, Adam Road
Singapore 289926
Tel: 64634528

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