Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Waraku - Tan Tan Udon

This is one of our favourite Japanese restaurant! We've been loyal customers since the days where they only have one outlet at East Coast Park. Today they have expanded their horizons to The Central at Clarke Quay, Marina Square, Starhub Center at Orchard and Katong. They even open a "Pasta de Waraku" but I've yet to try, so, no comment yah... If you like delicious, hearty food with generous servings in a cosy environment with good service, Waraku is a place for you!

There are many good dishes to recommend, but today I'll just zoom in on one of my current favourite: Tan Tan Udon

Wakaru is well known for their hand-made udon, which is a thick white rice flour noodle. So good you can even have it soba-style, dipping the cold noodles into a tasty sauce and slurping it up! But recently they came up with this new dish called Tan Tan Udon. They cook the udon in a slightly spicy soup with minced beef and spring onion which I find absolutely irristable!

Such a simple dish, yet so tasty! The noodles have a very nice chewy (but not hard or tough) texture to it. The plain noodles are accompanied by a very flavourful, slightly spicy soup with the occasional discovery of mince meat. The finely cut spring onion adds another level of texture and flavour to the dish. Beautiful...

Usually I end up slurping up the whole bowl. Hahaha.. there goes my diet. And this giant bowl of goodness only cost $12.80. So happy and satisfying! Burp~

For more information on menus, locations, check out their website!

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