Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CoCo Mama's Steamed Eggs with meat

A simple home cooked dish that I grew up eating. We would mix the eggs with the rice and woof it all down!

For a small, serving for 2, you will need:

Minced meat (chop yourself for more texture, or buy ready made from supermarket for convenience)
Seasoning - soya sauce, sesame oil, chicken powder, pinch of salt (or fish sauce if available)
1 large egg
2 egg's worth of water (this is the golden ratio! 1 egg - 2 water. Use shell to measure water)

1. Beat eggs with water
2. Mix meat with seasonings
3. Mix egg mixture with minced meat
4. Add a few drops of oil onto the egg mixture just before steaming.
5. Steam for 10-15mins in low heat until egg is firm around the edge but still slightly wobbly in the middle when you gently shake the plate.

NOTE! Don't cover the wok completely when egg is steaming. In fact, you can even open up to check occasionally.

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