Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shanghainese Rice Cake

Also known as Shanhainese Nien Gou, this dish is very close to my heart as my mom would make this on the mornings of chinese new year. So it represents the best years of my childhood and my family. Interestingly, many only know this rice cake for stir-fry or pan-fried. For me, the best way and the only way is to cook it with soup.

1. Soak the nien gou and dried mushroom overnight
2. To make the soup, boil a chicken breast with 2 slices of ginger and mushrooms for 30mins
3. Add chicken wings and chinese cabbage and boil till cooked. Add some salt for seasoning.

4. Cook the nien gou in a seperate pot of water. When the nien gou float to the surface, it's cooked. Careful not to overcook, or it would become mushy!

5. Scoop out the nien gou and ladle the soup and ingredients over it.
6. Serve with a dash of pepper!

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