Sunday, August 26, 2007

Leon Kee Pork Rib Soup

If you are near the Alexandra Village food centre during weekday, I would highly recommend a food stall that should not be given a miss!!!

On top of the list is Leon Kee Pork Rib Soup (or known locally as Bak Ku Teh). I personally rank it as Miss CoCo's Top Choice for Bak Ku Teh. Located at #01-18, block 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1, this stall's opening hours is most difficult to grasp. But when it does open, you'll see that almost every table patronise the stall.

The Bak Ku Teh soup is served in clay pots, which means that soups stay warm longer. Every piece of meat is head spinning-ly tender and the flavour in the soup is so good, you want to drink up every last drop of it. But be warned ~ the soup is herbal in nature. I totally love how it makes the soup taste but I do know that some people just don't like herbal stuff. My advise is, try it anyway. Hey who knows, maybe your taste buds would make an exception for a good bowl of bak ku teh?

Don't forget to order their side dish of chai buei, which is the preserved vegetable. Honestly, I have tasted better chai buei. So it may not be the best, (that I would tell you where another time) but at least it is not horrible tasting. A bak ku teh meal would not be complete with your hot soup, your steaming bowl of rice and a little plate of chai buei. So... very important; must order.

My only complain for my favourite stall is the blatant lack of chilli padi to dip my yummy, tender, pork rib! Argh... Big chillis are tasteless one ok...

But even without the chilli padi, Cobby and I still enjoy our occasional meals at our favourite stall. So far we have not found any stall that serves a more flavourful soup, or meat so tender. So little obstacles like chilli padi would never deter us from going back again and again! Haha...

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